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About The Owner

When owner operator, Shaz Kashani began his path to a pharmacy career, he did so because he wanted to have a positive impact on the people of his community. He realised early on in his training that opioid treatment programs were often pushed to the periphery of many pharmacies, resulting in substandard – and sometimes even disrespectful – care for patients who desperately needed help but could not find it. In an effort to change that treatment dialogue, Shahriar committed his career to catering to this overlooked aspect of pharmaceutical care to become a leader in the community for methadone treatment services.

With a unique custom design, Brisbane Methadone Clinic offers complete privacy to those who would prefer to be discreet.

Why Methadone?

Methadone can be administered as part of a long-term pain maintenance plan, but it also serves the
crucial function of helping break addiction to opioids. Methadone is effective in this process because, though it has a similar effect to other opioids, it works more slowly. Methadone also blocks the effects of
other opioids in a person’s system diminishing the craving for opioids. Given the rise of opioid addiction
in recent years, opioid replacement therapy has become increasingly essential, so Shaz and his team at
Brisbane Methadone Clinic are prepared to help those who want to find stability, beat addiction or simply
need a controlled long-term solution for their pain.

Brisbane Methadone Clinic

What Shaz brings to his clinic is not only the desire to offer these essential care services but also to best use his skills as a pharmacist that have been honed with substantial academic and professional preparation. With more than thirteen years to his credit of tertiary training in the pharmaceutical field, he brings an expert knowledge of opioid replacement therapy regimens and has worked with numerous patients who want to break the cycle of addiction. Both patient-centered and professional, Brisbane Methadone Clinic offers a variety of synthetic opioids and other medicines that can be coordinated with treatment plans either in the area (such as Quihn/Better Access Medical or the Biala Clinic) or with a care provider or doctor wherever home might be.

At Brisbane Methadone Clinic, Shaz wants to work with each patient to ensure that treatment needs are met and that therapy expectations are achieved through the expert administration of synthetic opioid products. Brisbane Methadone Clinic is open seven days a week to meet various schedules, so call or stop in today to learn more about how the Brisbane Methadone Clinic team can help you with your treatment plan (07 3160 1136).

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